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More 30 minute shows!

I definitely think this show lends itself to a longer podcast. The 12th episode on the FTZ was an excellent length to get me into the story. Would love to have some sort of weekly regularity at this length of show. Love the creativity from Tim Ferriss!


This world building is superb. The language ... the naming so engaging. I am still seeing the ‘event’ on the bridge. Yes Sir! Totally in love with your mind right now.🚀🔥🚀

This is interesting story

Really short episodes- looks like they’re just testing what grabs attention…once full episodes evolve this will be entertaining and a weekly “must listen “

So good

Can’t wait to see where this goes. Might have to check out the whole NFT aspect.

Loving the imagery and wording

As a new parent, I absolutely love how vivid and brief these episodes are. I’m transported to a new world for just a moment - and that’s all that’s needed to reset my battery. Thank you Tim for following what gives you energy. It’s very rejuvenating for me. I appreciate you and your team.

World Building

Enjoying the potential depth and nuance of the world being crafted. I’ve been a follower of Tim a long time. The 4HWW was instrumental for my mental framework while starting and building a lean small business. It’s easy to see authentic Tim coming through with these first episodes, albeit a new creative medium. You seem quite well suited for this exploration as well. Enjoy the ride, and I look forward to experiencing the narrative emerge.

Deep and Fantastic World

These first initial episodes have painted a world that has true scale in depth, the likes of which Tolkien and Martin are equal to. More!!! MORE!!! Can’t wait to see how the actual story evolves! Give us a hero!!!

Beginning of a great journey

Top quality production and voice acting. Has my interest and cant wait to discover more about Vallarta!


So far so good. Love the way this is shaping up. Lots of inspiration and seeds from previous fiction novels that have been amazing. Love Tims work

Very Engaging

Enjoying the ground work for this great adventure and looking forward to more.

How do I explain my browser history?

Well, Tim has finally lost his mind, and I’m all in for it!!! Love what I’m hearing so far and can’t wait to meet the rest of the players. P.S. Amazing production.


Love listening to what Tim made knowing it’s just going to be a fun adventure. It doesn’t take itself too serious and that feels refreshing these days.

Great storytelling with great voice actors

Can’t wait to see how this ELF (Emergent Long Fiction) plays out. So glad to have been able to invest in a CockPunch NFT and support this new art-form. Thank Tim, and team!

So far, so great

Only a few minutes worth of content so far and I’m begging for more. Let’s see where this ride takes us.

Unique is an Understatement

I haven’t personally seen anything quite like this before and I’m excited to see where it goes. Loving the bits an pieces that have been shared to date

Sparking my creativity

I have been following Tim Ferriss for over a decade and his thoughts and interviews have made me a better entrepreneur and human. Now, his work is sparking some new creativity in me. My 12 year old son and I both bought a CockPunch NFT and are following this tale together. It’s such a gift for us to be able to explore this together and so far we’re loving it.

Stroke of Genius

An absolute stroke of genius! A wonderful peak into the fictional writing side of Tim Ferriss! Love it!

It’s the story

I have only heard the first two but can’t wait for the three clans that I have. I have a Shaman, Wood Elf and a Master of Blade! can’t wait to see where this goes. Drewbarman

Gonna be a fun ride

Tim always finds ways to entertain and think outside the box. Look no further than the title of this podcast! I see this being another big hit like many of his past endeavors. Can’t wait to learn more about the tales of cocks as I’m already hooked.

Super cool

Very different from what I’m used to hear from Tim, but super exited about how this world is going to evolve. Nice way to let your mind wonder. Holding one of the cocks makes me feel more part of the story. 🐔👊🏼

Promising !!

Great start. Looking forward for more.

Emergent Long Fiction

Tim Ferriss + long fiction + NFT + charity = OMG

Really Fun So Far

Sprintjust at episode #2 and I’m already excited for more. Very well done.

Off to a great start

Love the combination of social media, NFTs, and lore. Can’t wait for more episodes.

Invest in web3 with Tim!

Been listening to Tim for years why wouldn’t I support his NFT project! Lets get it!

Everything Tim does is great.

CØCKPUNCH will be another fun, funny, creative and entertaining chapter in Tim’s life. Happy to listen and support this and the nonprofit any proceeds to go!

Thank you for your courage and creativity!

Thank you for having the courage and creativity to bring a project like this to life with so many details already (the 🐓’s look incredible)! Excited to see what’s next! 👍 🐔🥊


This is gonna be huge! I’ve been following tim for over a decade now, and he always brings the goods.

A historic podcast

Tim is really charting new territory with this one in so many ways. Excited to see how it shapes out and be part of the journey.